Call Centre Employees Talking

Enhancing Customer Experience in Call Centres

Fostering a positive encounter and providing full and clear attention while dealing with customers is essential to providing a good customer experience at call centres. Through all points of contact, customers must feel valued and understood, however, sometimes external and internal factors make this difficult.

With the increase to more technological and online-focused customer support services, knowing how to mediate any factors that lessen the customer experience is a must. Clear communication from start to finish is essential while creating the environment for clear communication can be a challenge. There are 8 main ways to enhance the customer experience at call centres to receive higher customer satisfaction rates. 

The 8 factors are:

  1. Move to an omni-channel communication strategy
  2. Ease employee communication
  3. Create a call centre environment conducive to success
  4. Use the highest quality tools
  5. Reduce any noise interference
  6. Move to cloud technology
  7. Optimize for remote working
  8. In-still purpose in employees

Create OMNI-Channel Communication

It is very important for call centres to consider other forms of communication to diversify and offer customers more than one form of communication. Customers nowadays want to have different contact options like social media, web, email, and more. While, at the same time, having all these systems work together seamlessly so that customers don’t have to keep on repeating and explaining themselves. 

With the use of other mediums the ability to have them work together in a seamless manner is essential. When a customer leaves a question on social media it should filter so that when they call the information is in the proper place. With artificial intelligence (AI) systems in place, customers can write their problem in on a chat-bot and receive on phone assistance without having to relay their problem. 

Ease of Employee Communication

Providing the proper tools to employees that allow them to communicate quickly with each other is more important than ever. Especially during a time when working from home or distanced working conditions have become the norm. The best way to do this is to introduce tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom that allow employees to quickly communicate about different topics in an organized fashion.

Favourable Conditions for Call Centre Employees

A happy and comfortable call centre employee is much more likely to perform at a higher level. Providing the best equipment doesn’t end at the headsets, phones, and technology equipment but extends to the working conditions. By providing comfortable seating and systems in place that makes communication easier to follow, employees can do a better job. This also extends to the company systems in place. Where it is essential for employees to easily navigate to the proper places with ease to solve problems quickly and efficiently. 

Use High-Performing Tools and Technology 

High performing call centre headsets and phones are some of the most important things that enhance the customer experience. With all the different headsets available it can be a challenge to find the best for your situation. Amongst all the noise it is conclusive that Poly and Jabra are some of the best brands to choose from. For more information check out our post on How to Choose the Best Call Centre Headsets.

Reduce Noise Interference's

No customer wants to struggle to hear and understand your call centre employees which is why reducing unnecessary background noises or interference’s essential. Through the use of noise-cancelling headsets that help reduce any background noises, and working in places that have little to no noise is a must. Too much noise will undoubtedly leave your customers dissatisfied and frustrated with a call.

Move to Cloud Technology

Cloud platforms allow for scalability and versatility which are ideal for increasing customer satisfaction in a variety of ways. With cloud technology, call centre employees can virtually erase distance and connect data, information, and people to make it feel as though they are experiencing quick and personal in person help. 

Optimize for Remote Working

With the increase of remote working, it is beyond crucial to optimize your at home employees for success. This comes with providing all the proper equipment and tools and everything they will need to be successful in a different working environment. With the distance of employees tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams become more important than ever before and as previously mentioned should be an integral part of your systems.

In-still Purpose in your Employees

Call centre employees have one goal in mind: create meaningful connections with the customer and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Instilling this purpose to help and serve customers in the best way possible is the number one way to have happy customers. There is no better way to turn a dissatisfied customer into a happy one than by treating them positively and with the best customer service possible. 


With these 8 ways to enhance the customer experience at call centres, you should have no problem with increasing customer satisfaction and customer retention.