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How to Choose the Best Call Center Headsets

by James Hermelyn on

Providing the best call center headsets for your employees is a key factor contributing to the success and effectiveness of a call center. If workers are uncomfortable with their headsets this will distract them during their work. Plus, a poor-quality headset could impact how employees hear and communicate with customers resulting in poor service quality and unsatisfied callers.

A headset with all the proper functionalities and features that are needed for your call center can be difficult to find. But once you find the perfect fit, employee productivity levels and customer satisfaction will categorically increase.

There are a few different factors that go into what makes a headset the best. The factor you consider the most important is very specific to your call center environment. The four main things to look at when choosing the best call center headsets are; comfort, mobility, noise cancellation, and reliability. These four features are key points in deciding which headset will work for you. Below you will find more detail on each of these features and the best headsets to go with them. 

Best Call Center Headsets for Comfort

A headset that makes your call center employees feel comfortable is a key factor in the success of the calls. With a comfortable headset, employees won't be counting down the minutes until they can take it off and will feel calm and at ease while working. The three main factors to look at when considering comfort are weight, ear coverage, and ear cushions.

The weight of a headset makes all the difference in comfort. A lightweight headset is imperative to increase the comfort of the employee wearing it, where they should feel like they aren't even wearing a headset. A headset with a weight >50g is best for employees wearing headsets all day or night.

The decision between choosing a monaural (covers one ear) or binaural (covers both ears) headset is also important. If employees are in a loud space then both ears should be covered, but if hearing side conversations while they are on the phone is important than one ear cover is enough. 

More so, with the choice between leather or velour ear cover material the decision is between comfort and durability when choosing a headset. Leather ear cushions are more durable and provide more soundproofing whereas velour ear covers are a little less durable but more comfortable. 

Best Call Center Headsets for Mobility

Depending on the mobility needed by the employees at your call center you will need to find a headset that works for them. If your employees are stationary while they work then you can opt for corded headsets for your call center. However, if your employees are mobile and need to be able to get around during their calls then you will need to narrow your search to wireless headsets. With wireless headsets employees can receive calls on the go and move around freely. 

Just be sure to take into account battery life when choosing wireless headsets. Finding one that can last for hours before a charge is essential. Similarly, one that charges quickly is a plus. 

Best Noise Cancelling Headsets

It is no secret that call centers can get very noisy. This in turn can affect the worker's productivity and the quality of calls. If the employees can't properly hear the customer, and the customer can't hear the employee no one will be satisfied, and all parties will be frustrated. The degree to which you need noise-canceling headsets depends on your call center environment. If there are cubicles that block out the noises, then noise-canceling features may not be your highest priority.

However, many call centers operate in open spaces making noise-canceling headsets a must. The noise-canceling features are not just for the employee's benefit but also for the customer's benefit. With noise-canceling headsets, you get two features that contribute to its noise-canceling status; the earpiece and the microphone. These are carefully designed to block out background noises to contribute to a positive experience for both parties.

Best Call Center Headsets for Reliability

Finding call center headsets that will remain in a favorable condition over time is another important factor to take into consideration. It is not quite as simple as choosing the material that seems to be the most reliable but also thinking about your call center environment. High-quality material is important to take into account when choosing a headset that will last a long time but it is not the only reliability factor. Choosing a headset that can be transferred from one employee to another is important if your call center has a high turnover rate. More so, reliability takes into account if the ear cushions can be replaced without having to change the whole headset. This significantly increases its lifetime value. 

Good call center headsets are a must. To find the best headset for call centers be sure to look at comfort, mobility, noise, and reliability. With these four factors, you will surely be able to find the best call center headsets for your call center.

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