Choosing Devices for Zoom Meetings

Benefits of Using Compatible Zoom Devices

What’s worse than forgetting you’re on mute? –– Not using compatible devices with Zoom. 

Video conferencing, remote work and distance communication is prevalent in businesses around the world. Organizations and their employees must ensure that they have the tools they need to get the best experience at home while communicating with others. 

As Zoom-fatigue builds, many are losing their patience to deal with unreliable devices. Using compatible devices will ensure that your time spent on Zoom is efficient, productive, and error-free (at least on your end). 

Are you not sure if your devices are compatible? Check out our top picks below of reliable headsets or video conference devices that are compatible with Zoom: 

Look Picture Perfect: Compatible Zoom Cameras

Ensure your camera syncs with Zoom and works well, so you end up looking your best for every meeting morning, day or night. 

Jabra Panacast 

Feel confident with your Jabra Panacast every time you log into a meeting. This camera is not only compatible with Zoom but Microsoft Teams as well. With 180° Panoramic-4K, your Zoom calls will look like a Hollywood film.

Poly Studio

Meet Poly Studio, a premium USB video bar that can track your audio for the best quality sound. It also can catch every word you say without picking up distracting background noises. This device is compatible with Zoom and busy multi-taskers.

Logitech Meetup

Don’t forget you are talking to another human on the other side of a computer. The first step to natural conversion is using a compatible Zoom device like the Logitech Meetup. Sync your video to voice perfectly as this device aligns and automatically adjusts. 

Loud and Clear: Compatible Zoom Headsets

Crystal-clear audio will allow you to talk the talk. The only time someone won’t hear you is if you forget to unmute yourself (this is your second reminder).

Jabra Evolve2 65

This wireless headset mixes comfort with reliability. The Jabra Evolve2 65 is compatible with your Zoom video and audio conferencing. You won’t mind taking those long Zoom calls wearing this headset with the memory foam cushions. 

Logitech Zone Plus

Feel connected without plugging in your headset. The Bluetooth headset, Logitech Zone Plus, was designed to help you hop onto Zoom from anywhere in the world with exceptional sound. This compatible device gives you full control and clarity for every call. 

Jabra Evolve2 40

Forget you’re even wearing a headset with the Jabra Evolve2 40. This corded headset will make your Zoom call so much better with its memory foam cushions. Connect to your video conference with this Zoom compatible device. 

Zoom isn’t going away anytime soon. As video conferencing continues to be a part of our lives, you must have your video and audio figured out. Zoom works with a wide variety of devices, make sure you’re using a compatible device.

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