Leedar Systems offers the highest-quality cloud-based business VoIP solutions to all of our customers across Canada. Business phone services have evolved and Leedar Systems is committed to providing intelligent cost-effective VoIP phone services that can accommodate any size business. 

Our Business Phone Service Features:

Analytics tools that will allow you to leverage call data to provide unique and actionable insights into performance
● Plug & play phones with mobile apps that will enable you to take your phone system with you wherever there is an internet connection and unify multiple office locations
● Crystal-clear call quality and pre-configured features that provide clients with a consistent and professional calling experience
Maintenance-free phone systems which feature upgrades, ongoing training, and technical support to reduce your long-term business phone costs
Integrated SaaS tools that you most likely already use and love; Salesforce, Slack, Klipfolio and more! Anything is possible with our open API
Leedar Systems invites you to discover why hundreds of Canadian organizations decided to make the switch to our business VoIP phone solution. Contact us for a free demonstration.



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