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Avaya Cloud Office

The way you communicate should be able to fit the way you work. With everything you need always handy on any device, in any location, Avaya Cloud Office lets you simplify the way your business communicates.

Avaya Cloud Office is a cloud-based communications system with enterprise grade voice, video, IM/messaging, meetings, conferencing and collaboration. ACO easily connects all your workers, whether they are in the office, mobile, or remote. Enjoy one single system and service regardless of their location.

Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing, task management, and virtual team rooms. Bring together 100+ business integrations, like Google Drive and Salesforce, to customize a true cloud unified communications experience. Avaya Cloud Office gives your employees and customers the features and options you want, all in one app.

Avaya Cloud Office
Avaya Phone System

Our expertise is business communication, but our passion is your customer experience... 

Designed for: Any Business & Any Industry!

  • Essentials start at $25/month per user
  • No additional phone lines required 
  • One number connects you to all—voice, fax, text, multimedia
  • Includes desk phone, softphone and mobile app
  • Add integrations for your CRM or other SaaS tools
Business Phone System


Enjoy top of the line desk phone technology as long as you remain a customer, and one toll-free number.


Unlimited calling/phone calls within the US and CA. Plus, choose from affordable and convenient international calling plans that fit your business.


Receive voicemail audio and transcription to your email. Store and record phone call conversations seamlessly.


Connect to popular SaaS tools you already use and love through our pre-built integrations for G Suite, Salesforce, Slack, Zoho and more. Ready to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Answer callers automatically with customized greetings, and ensure every call is directed to the right employee or department.


Simplified call management, enables you to configure your phone system across entire company, regardless of location or device. Optimize communication with custom admin and user configurations online or mobile.

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