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3IP Charcoal Handset
3IP Charcoal Handset
Our Price: $12.00

Standard replacement IP-style handset for Nortel 1100 series phones
Call Leedar Systems today to confirm correct model for your phone. We have many models to choose from!
9611 IP Deskphone
9611 IP Deskphone
Our Price: $325.00

9611 IP deskphone is an 8-line intermediate telephone ideally suited for Everyday users who consider their phone to be one of many useful communication tools and who rely on common functions like directory and speed dial to The enhance productivity and communications.

Business Telephone Systems

Today’s commercial digital phones combine data and voice for communication solutions that go well beyond talking on the phone. The best digital phones will allow you to take care of your communication needs in the most efficient, yet innovative, manner. The basic features of these systems will have high-definition sound quality for crystal clear clarity, the ability to set-up a directory and speed dialing, simple call control for commonly used actions such as forwarding and transferring, and connect to wireless headsets. Our selection of phones have these basic phone system necessities while having more complex capabilities like incorporating video into calls, using digital conferencing phones to make talking to numerous people in various locations quick and easy, and connecting to programs such as XML and Microsoft Word.

If communication is an integral part of your everyday activities, a digital business phone system is a must to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Let Us Help You Create the Best Digital Business Phone System

For over 20 years Leedar Systems has been helping companies of all sizes with their communication needs. Our knowledgeable staff understands all the latest business phone systems being offered by the top manufacturers in the world. They can assist you in selecting the best digital phones and putting together a digital business phone system. At Leedar Systems you don’t have to do it alone. Give us a call at 1-855-533-3277 or stop by our showroom in Barrie, Ontario to learn more about the products we offer and to discuss your needs with one of our communication experts.